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Prayer for Today

Heavenly Father as we come before you today, we first ask you to forgive us of any sin or sins we may have committed against You. Show us where we have sinned so we can repent of our sins and ask for forgiveness. If we have hurt someone in any form, we ask for Your forgiveness, help us to know what we have done and who we have done it to so that we can ask them forgiveness.

Father, look upon the land and have mercy! Touch the minds and hearts of Your people, remove the anger and the fear. Heal the broken heart and the broken spirit. Join families back together, remove the disunity and the offenses. We ask for Your protection and Your provisions for our families and neighbors.

Help us to place our faith in You and not what we’re hearing and seeing. Help us to be a prepared people for the coming of Your Son. As the Bible is unfolding, let us not fear or withdraw ourselves from You. Help us to pray like never before, help us to fast, and submit ourselves to be broken before You.

All our help comes from You! Let us not look to man because he can’t help us, but Your Word has promised, he that call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved! We call upon the name of Jesus to save us from COVID -19, save us from all other viruses and plagues. Save us from those whose hearts Satan is using to bring forth hatred, and taking what is not theirs. Let Your angels be encamped around about those who love You and reverence You.

Look upon the fools that have said in their heart there is no God. Have mercy upon them, keep your protection around them and their loved ones. Father the world is in confusion and devastation, send forth help from Your throne room, help us, deliver us, and make us a people that will worship You in spirit and in truth.

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