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Praise Break

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name – Psalm 100:4.

Thanksgiving is something we should do daily not just the day of Thanksgiving we celebrate once a year. Thanksgiving is an attitude; it isn’t just words; Thanksgiving is an attitude of gratefulness toward God. When we thank someone for something, we are praising him or her. So praising God is a form of thanks, and it should flow out of an attitude of gratitude.

Thanksgiving is not just to occur one day each year! We should be giving thanks to God in our hearts 365 days a year, throughout the day, we should have a grateful heart for what He has done for us. The very fact He awaken us is a praise break, when we go to the bathroom to prepare for work, that’s a praise break; many don’t have legs or feet to walk. When we shower, that’s a praise break; there are those who have to wait for someone to bathe and shower them.

Entering our automobiles is a praise break when others have to take public transportation or cabs. And for those who has to take public transportation, that’s a praise break when you don’t have to walk to work and have the money for transportation, ¬†Walking through the doors of our employer, that’s a praise break when many are unemployed wishing and hoping to find employment. Returning home from a day of work is a time to praise Him when many are homeless and in destitute.

Look around your home, God blessed you with that, look at your family, they are gifts from God. God loved us so much and wanted to be reconciled to us as our Father, He sent His Son to die for our sins, then He took our sins and placed them in the sea of forgetfulness. Jesus, the Son of God died for us, He too was so mindful of us, He sent the Comfort, known as the Holy Spirit to be with us. The Holy Spirit assist us to communicate with our Father wherever we are through our spirit connecting to Him, this is a praise break.

God the Father walks with us, talk with us, comfort us, provide for us, protect us, this is a praise break! When sin tried to influence you, God gave you away of escape. When people lied on you, God let the truth be told. When people tried to fire you, they couldn’t because God opened that door of employment, and no man can close¬†it. The doctor gave a bad report, but the report of the Lords says you’re healed. Take time and think about how blessed you are, give thanks to the Lord, everytime you see where He has blessed you give a praise break!

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