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Time of Prayer

Heavenly Father we come before You in the name of Jesus asking You if there any sins we have committed against you, show us where we have sinned, and forgive us of our sins. Strengthen us that we will no longer commit that sin or sins.

Have mercy upon those that are confined to the hospital, nursing homes, we pray that You will give them care-givers that will show them love and compassion. Father, we pray for healing in the hearts and minds of Your people. We pray for Your Word to reach and soften the hardened and hateful heart.

We pray for those that have authority over us, give them wisdom and knowledge on how to rule. We pray for those that are tormented in their minds, we pray for the peace of God to rest in their minds. We pray for Your protection from viruses and plagues. Give us a mind and a heart to worship You as You have instructed through Your Holy Word.

Bless those that are in need of employment, we pray that they will not lose their homes or apartments. We pray that You will provide for them as Your Word says You will supply every one of our needs. Help them to depend on You and not what they see or feel.

Bless parents that are in need of daycare and baby sitters but don’t have the funds to pay. Father, make a way for them, bless them with good daycare and babysitters. People that will show love and provide good care and protection for their children.

Father be a doctor for those in need of medical help. Be their Great physician, we pray for blood clots to dissolve. We pray for healing in the bloodstream. We pray for hearts, kidneys, bladders to be healed. We pray You will cancel the doctor’s report of cancer. We pray for spiritual and physical blinded eyes to be open.

Heal marriages between a man and a woman as You ordained in the Garden of Eden. Remove everything that needs to be removed and place in the marriage what need be. Encourage Your pastor’s hearts, increase them in another level of the Spirit. Bring the body of Christ back to the sanctuary and perform miracles signs and wonders.

Safe every Jew and give peace to Jerusalem. Intervene for those that are held captive whether it’s spiritual or physical. Help us to love one another with unconditional love. We pray for Your will to be done on the earth and in us, in Jesus’ name we ask these prayers! Thank God Amen!

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