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The Lord reigneth; let the earth rejoice; let the multitude of isle (coastlands) be glad thereof – Psalm 97:1.

An exaltation to the kingship of our Lord and Savior. The coming reign of the Lord on the earth is with great joy. He is to be worshipped, reverence, and loved; because of Him, salvation came to men and without Him, no one can reach God.

Jesus is God because of the authority His Father gave Him to reign with Him on the Throne. He’s the God that came from heaven to dwell on earth to reconcile man back to the Father. He’s the Savior that came to save man from sin. He’s the King, the Word that came alive! He’s the bright and morning star.

He’s Emmanuel, ┬áthe One that sanctifies. He’s our fortress and refuge. He’s the Great Physician, a secret hiding place. He’s the One that judges and set the captives free! He’s the One the anoints and appoints. He’s the God that makes the impossible, possible. He mends broken hearts. He regulates blood pressure, and does surgery without a knife.

He speaks and everything must come subject to His voice. He calms the storms in our life, and brings life to a life of draught. He raises the dead, and gives life. He opens doors that no one can close, and He closes doors no one can open.

He’s the Son of God, and His name is Jesus, through His death, burial and resurrection, we can Rejoice!

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