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Yes Lord

For whosoever shall do the will of My Father which is in heaven, the same is My brother, and sister and mother – Matthew 12:50.

To the Most High God, God of righteousness, holy and magnificent, excellent and all-powerful; we come before You with repenting hearts, asking Father, that You would forgive us for any sin or sins we may have committed against You or Your people. Only You can search and reveal what’s in our hearts, restore our hearts to be committed and dedicated to You. Give us a praying spirit and a heart of worship and gratitude.

We say yes to Your will, yes to Your plan and yes to Your Word. We submit ourselves completely and totally to You, if there’s any area of our life that we haven’t, reveal it to us, and give us a willingness to give it to You. Help us to depart from everything that doesn’t exemplify Christianity according to Your Word.

We say yes Lord, to Your peace, yes Lord to Your healing, yes Lord to Your protection, yes Lord to Your deliverance.  Yes Lord for Your provisions, yes Lord to Your forgiveness of our sins, yes Lord to having the Word of God in our hearts so that we will not sin against You. Yes Lord to loving our neighbors and loving them as we love ourselves, Yes Lord to helping those we know we can help. Yes Lord for waiting on Your directions, yes Lord will be in our hearts, spirit and will. Yes Lord, we will not gossip or fault-find, yes Lord we will not have envy and jealousy. Yes Lord, when we get angry, we will not sin in actions or words. Yes, Lord we will ask for forgiveness to those we know we have hurt. Yes Lord to Your will and Your Word!

Yes Lord, your words are true, they are spirit and they are life. Yes Lord is our answer to Your word and will.

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