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His Word

As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the Lord is tried (proven): He is a buckler (shield) to all them that trust in Him – 2nd Samuel 22:31.

In order to have an encounter with the Lord, first of all we need to have received His salvation or is in need of salvation. Another way to have an encounter with the Lord is to have a heart full of praise and worship.Being in the presence of the Lord should be a desire every Christian should have. When our heart is full of praise and worship wherever we are, the Lord will give us a visitation. We can feel His presence all around us. Secondly, when we’re in hardship, trouble on every side, He will give us a visitation to strengthen us for the journey.

In order for the Word of God to be tried or proven, the individual must go through different trials and tribulations in order for the Word of God to be manifested on their behalf.  We pray for a closer relationship with Him, but in order to get closer, usually, it will take trouble because the flesh will give all kinds of excuses to not pray. When trouble comes our way, we have no problem in bending our knees and pushing back the plate.

Issues will cause us to fast and pray, read and study the Bible because we’re looking for consolation, we’re looking for reassurance and we know it’s found in His Word.  In order to experience God’s healing power, we must go through some type of sickness or disease, in order for Him to supply the need, there must be a need. In order to feel the joy of the Lord, we must experience it, and that comes from having fellowship and having a relationship with Him. In order to prove the Word of the Lord, it comes with experiences. Some experiences we go through may not be pleasant, but the Word of God and His faithfulness will always be there. God is faithful and so is His Word even when we’re not faithful.

Sometimes we pray for a manifestation of God’s power, but in order for the manifestation to come there must be a need, God doesn’t show up with His power to do nothing, sure we can always pray for His presence, and He will come as we desire to be in His presence. When we pray we must be focused on what we’re praying for and not just mouthing out words. This is why it is so important for the believer to know God’s Word so that he or she can pray God’s Word knowing He watches over His Words to perform them. To know God’s Word is to know Him and have confidence in Him and His Word.

God’s Word will bring peace to a chaotic situation, His Word will give counsel without seeing a therapist. His Word will bring healing to the mind, body, and soul. His Word will give instructions and directions. His Word will give you wisdom and knowledge, His Word will give you knowledge of the God you say you, worship, this is why Satan influences the believer to not read the Bible. He doesn’t want you to know God and His Word.   God is faithful to His Word, He’s faithful to His promises, He’s faithful when we’re not. Take time to read and study God’s Word, it’s informative and it’s a sustainer. His Word is Him communicating with you, and when He speaks to you, you will know that it is Him because of you know Him and His Word.

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