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To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens – Ecclesiastes 3:1.

Time is something we all could use more of. It seems as though it’s never enough time to complete the different tasks or goals we have set for ourselves. Time is also something people without a vision are not concerned about because they haven’t set goals or tasks. They only live for the moment, not thinking or preparing for the future.

Solomon referred to himself as the “Preacher”, meaning one who gathers or assembles. Solomon was gathering and assembling the people to hear and listen to the wise saying or proverbs God had placed in him. Solomon had everything a man could dream of, but although he had everything, he had tried, he speaks about the emptiness of all that this world has to offer.

Solomon stated to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. It’s a time to live, and it’s a time to die, there is a time of joy, as well as a time for sorrow. There is a time we will decrease and time of increase. There’s a time we will encounter one of these seasons whether we want to or not. We all have an ordained time to meet up with our destiny. We can’t rush it nor can we miss it as some would say. Whatever God has ordained for our lives shall come to manifestation (Let us us fast the profession [confession] of our faith [hope] without wavering; for he is faithful that promised – Hebrews 10:23). There will be times in our lives that seems as though we’re surrounded with hopelessness, but rather than looking at the situation and circumstances; grab hold of God’s Word and don’t let it go.

If God has spoken to you about your situation or circumstance in time past and it has not manifested, wait on it. God is not like man that He would lie, whatever he has spoken or promise you shall be manifested. Sometimes, we get our spirit and emotions involved and God has not spoken. God always stay in line with His Word. Every spirit speaking to our minds, is not the Spirit of God. Always remember, we’re listening to God’s Spirit, Satan spirit and our own human spirit. We need to know which one is speaking.

The reason why some prayers have not been answered is because we are either praying prayers that is not in God’s will or it’s not the time for the prayer to be answered. No matter how we fast and pray, if it’s not in God’s will or timing, the prayer will not be answered. We have to learn how to wait on God no matter how long it takes. Waiting brings forth spiritual growth, this is when we begin to bear fruit (And besides this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge. And to knowledge temperance, and to temperance, patience, and to patience, godliness. And to godliness, brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness, charity – 2nd Peter 1:5-7.

Many times God will speak to us or He will speak through someone to let us know a portion of His plan for our life. if it takes too long for the word that was spoken to manifest, we will begin to “help” God. Then once our assistance fell, we’re in a slump, wondering if God will fulfill His Word. Stop trying to help God, and learn how to wait on Him, and in your waiting, stand fast in your faith.

God promised Abraham a child, but because the promise was delayed or denied according to Abraham and Sarah, they begin to give God some help. In their helping, two things occurred. First, Abraham should have told his wife they were going to wait on the promise of God without their assistance. Abraham committed adultery by listening to his wife to get a child through her handmaid. Abraham and Sarah was not in faith, they were representing the works of the flesh. Although it was their custom during that time, it was not one of God’s ordinance. Customs and traditions comes from man, not God. Secondly, it brought division, discord, strife, contention, and hurt between Sarah and her handmaid, Hagar.

Whenever we do things our way rather than God’s way it causes problems. Abraham was to rule his home, and Sarah was to submit to his authority as it lined up with God’s Word. If it was contrary to God’s principals, she didn’t have to submit to it. When God first gave the promise to Abraham he was seventy-five years old. The promise didn’t manifest until Abraham was a hundred years old when Isaac was born.

Christians are always going through a test, in the midst of a test or coming out of one. Theses are seasons, there will be times of victory as well as defeat. There will be times of joy and we will encounter sorry. There will be times of plenty and their will be times of need. Whatever season were in, place your faith and your trust in God and not what you’re seeing, hearing and feeling. We’re living in a world of death, and we’re being prepared to go the world of the living. Don’t fret what you’re going through, as sure as there was an entrance there will also be an exit.

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