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Cursed Items

Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed like it: but ┬áthou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a (devoted or banned) cursed thing – Deuteronomy 7:26.

Sometimes the reason why we can’t get a break-through in our prayers being answered or it seems as though we can’t accomplish what we desire is because sometimes we have images in our homes that has caused our prayers not to be answered.

Israel was a special people to God, He had set them apart for Himself and they were to characterize His holiness. They were to keep His commandments and status. They were instructed by God not to associate themselves with the Amalekites, Canaanites, Edomites, Moabites and other nations because they worshipped idol gods and images. When the children of Israel began to marry within these other nations, they began to serve the images those nations were worshipping, and this caused them to be adversaries of God. Many times Christians are going through unnecessary aggravations, distress, trouble marriages, trouble in their finances because of certain objects that has been dedicated to images and gods in their homes.

When traveling to foreign countries, we bring back different objects as souvenirs from that country, not researching who or what that country is worshipping. We bring dedicated images that are worshipped as gods to our homes bringing the curse to our home. Curse doesn’t mean, God curses us, but it causes doors for demonic spirits to torment and destroy our lively hood through our disobedience to God’s instructions. This causes the protection of God to be removed from our lives. Some may say, that was under the law, true, but God’s principals doesn’t change. What He said don’t do, it still goes for today’s Christians, because we are the spiritual Jew, we have been separated to God as they were.

We have to be prayerful and careful of what we allow in our homes. If an object has been dedicated to other gods, a demonic spirit(s) is connected to that object that will open doors for spirits to have entrance into our homes because we brought them in willingly. Satan or any other spirits cannot make us do anything unless we have open a door for them such as bringing dedicated objects, disobeying the Word of God willingly, watching television with demons and evil spirits also gives entrance to our homes. Worshipping other gods is prevalent in the United States because of agnosticism, atheism, witchcraft and Satan worshipers, so we must be careful who and what we’re inviting in our homes. We’re spiritual beings in a spiritual war that can’t be seen with the natural eye. Satan uses people, images and other demonic spirits to carry out his assignment. We must be prayerful and watchful not to be giving Satan an invitation.

As Christians we must know the tricks and schemes of Satan, we can’t know them if we don’t have a relationship with God and His Word. God speaks and directs His people. When we’re sensitive to the Spirit of God, He will make us sensitive to demonic spirits and behaviors. Jesus is coming and no one knows when His return will be, but Satan is trying to destroy as many as he can before they accept salvation or because of ignorance to the Word of God and the return of Jesus. Take time to pray, read and study the Bible, fast and seek God. When we seek Him, He brings to the light what’s been hidden. We will know when something is of God or when it isn’t.

Satan has turned so many people from the principals of the Bible even the so called professing Christians. In order to fight against Satan, we must be connected to God and His Word.

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