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Hear Our Prayer, O’ Lord

Heavenly Father, as we come to You today, first we ask if there is any sin or sins we may have committed against You. We ask that You make us aware of where we have sinned and ask You to forgive and deliver us. I

If it’s sins of omission, help us do what You have instructed us to do. If it’s sins of commission, give us the strength to submit to Your Word. We come to repent and ask forgiveness. We thank You for today, a day we haven’t seen before, and for waking us with soundness of mind.

Thank You for blessing us with homes, transportation, and employment. Most of all, thank You for blessing us to have a relationship with You and Your Son. We lift our families to You and keep them safe and away from harm’s way.

Direct their footsteps, remove any pain or sorrow, and give them the peace that surpasses all human understanding. Send Saints to our unsaved loved ones to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ; give them spiritual ears to hear and hearts to receive the Word of God.

We lift our neighbors, co-workers, and classmates, bless them, and supply their needs. Give peace to those who are in mourning and grief. Those looking for jobs open up doors of employment for them. Where direction is needed, give them instructions.

Where love is necessary, let them feel Your love. Where salvation is required, please help them to repent. Where there is havoc, bring peace. Where there is misunderstanding, give unity. Bring run-way children home to their parents, children with difficulty learning, open up their understanding, and provide them with wisdom. Those who are held captive against their will set them free.

Touch those who have authority over us, give them direction on how to lead this country, help them to be concerned about the people, and remove greed and ungodly ambition from their minds so that we can lead a quiet and peaceful life in godliness.

Bless the homeless with shelter and a safe place. Heal those the doctors have given up on, and we pray that You will be the Great Physician in their lives. Let the angels of God surround those who love You and reverence You. Bless those who have hurt or harmed us; as we forgive them, we ask that You forgive them. Help us today to bless someone; we ask these prayers in Jesus’ name; thank God, Amen!

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