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And He saith unto them,  follow me, and I will make you fishers of  men. Matthew 4:19

Jesus  told Peter and Andrew to follow Him, and He would make them fishers of men. Before they could draw anyone to God, they first had to follow Jesus; His teaching,  and His instructions. They had to deny themselves before they would be able to follow the Lord. A fisherman finds a place where he can find a particular fish or he may go where he can draw all types of fish in his net. He will sit there from dawn to dusk to catch two or three fishes. He waits patiently to draw the fish.

He throws out his line and wait until a fish nibble on it then he reels in his fish. Jesus has instructed His disciples then and now to “Go therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of  the Son, and of  the Holy Ghost”. We need to be prepared daily to witness to someone about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We may go into certain areas where we can catch a backslider or someone that has religion, but don’t have Jesus. We may go into other areas where there are all types of beliefs and behaviors, but we have to wait patiently listening to the voice of the of the Lord to know who to witness to, what to say and the time to say it.

It make take time to draw the individual in, but be as the fisherman and wait patiently. We cannot have a mind-set on a particular people, but all people, because all people belong to God, that’s why He said “Teach all nations”. When we’re led by the Spirit of the Lord through following His teaching and instructions and love for people He will direct us where to go to be fisher of men.

Although the Father’s desire is for no one to persish, everyone is not going to receive Jesus or the salvation He offers. That is why we must be led by the Spirit of God who to witness to. When we wait on Him, He has already prepared the persons’ heart to receive. Trying to witness to one whose heart has not been prepared will be wasted time because they don’t want to hear about Jesus nor will they receive His salvation.

Secondly, we can’t be partial, one day we’re talking about Jesus and the next day we’re using profanity. We have to be consistent with our faith and how we inter-act with others. If we have committed ourselves to the Lord, people will see and hear the difference in our speech and our behavior and it will be the same no matter what is happening around us.

A fisherman doesn’t chose who they will or will not witness to, they wait on the unctioning of the Holy Spirit to direct them to whose heart the Father has soften.

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