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How Long Lord?

Lord, how are they increased that trouble me! Many are they that rise up against me – Psalm 3:1

David was running for his life from his rebellious son Absalom and a host of traitors. When we’re in the valley, it’s easy to think that God is also against us. When everything appears to be coming against us, God is still for us. God allows difficult situations to come into our life to show Himself to us in a way we will know that it was God and not ourselves. God has eyes that will go to the highest hill and the lowest valley. He has eyes that will see through the murk and the grime. His voice can loose every chain and fetter’s that would try to keep us bound.  Just as David continued to cry for  God’s help, we have to continue to ask for His help. His Word has promised, He hears the cry of the righteous. It also instructs us to be truthful to ourselves, we cannot pretend we’re fine, when we know, we need help and deliverance. There are somethings that comes in life no one or nothing can resolve it, but God.

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