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Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil – Ephesians 6:10

Many times we fight Satan and his co-hosts by fighting one another while Satan and his co-hosts are destroying our relationship with our spouses, children, fellow congruents, and co-workers. 

We can’t fight a spiritual battle with physical strength, Satan and his co-hosts are demonic spirits that can only be confronted with by the Spirit of God that resides within every born-again believer and by the word of God.  Just as Satan knew Jesus and the Apostle Paul, he know when the Spirit of the living God is residing in us.  When we have submitted ourselves to God completely and know the word of God is when we can defeat Satan in our lives and the lives of our love ones.

We can’t defeat Satan in our strength, but when we’re submitted to God, we have God and the host of heaven fighting with us. We can defeat Satan through our consistent prayer life. Satan doesn’t like when we praise God, when we’re submitted to God and His word.  God dwells in the praises of the believer. Singing praise songs that minister to the Lord will also disable the adversary.  Clapping our hands with thanksgiving, will also be ammunition against our adversary. God has given us His word, the blood of Jesus, and praise and worship to defeat the adversary of our souls and life. Our weapon is prayer, praise and worship!

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