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Confess and Be Healed

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness –  1st John 1:9. 

Confessing our sins to God brings healing to us by bringing us back in the right relationship with God. It heals us mentally and emotionally from the damage sin causes.

Many times when we get ourselves in sinful situations rather than confessing our sins to God, we deny them or use excuses why the action occurred rather than confessing the sin to God and ask for forgiveness.

Without confessing, a sin can’t be forgiving. Neither can we receive healing if we don’t come clean with God about our sins. God doesn’t keep our sins hanging over our heads to keep us remembering them, but He places them in the sea of forgetfulness not to remember them anymore, confess, repent and be healed. When confessing, you must also forgive yourself. Many times, people are suffering from depression and other emotional problems because they will not forgive themselves. Once God forgives you, ask Him to help you to forgive yourself. When Jesus makes us free, we are free. We don’t have to fear and open a door for the same issue to return. The things that we fear, usually are the things that manifest in life.

Don’t fear, confess, repent and be healed.

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