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Praise ye the Lord. Sing unto the Lord a new song, and His praise in the congregation of saints – Psalm 149:1

Praise is related to the kingdom of the Lord. He deserves the praise for His mighty acts on the behalf of mankind. Everything that has breath should praise the Lord. Praise indicates our gratefulness of His majestic, His holiness, His awesomeness, His joy and His peace. His protection and provision. People praise God in different ways, some praise Him by jumping up and down, others praise Him by singing, crying, running around the church. Some sit in their seat and rock from side to side. Others may raise their hands in worship, whatever way or however way we worship should be left up to the individual the way they worship. Everyone doesn’t praise and worship God in the same manner, no one should direct or try to instruct someone in how to worship God. If the person is grateful to God and His blessings, no one will have to tell them to praise God, when they think about the goodness of God, they will automatically begin to worship Him.

When a spirit of praise is in the sanctuary, it’s not wise to stop the praise in order to go on with a program. The spirit of praise is there for a reason, the Lord is there and our spirit is connecting with His Spirit to acknowledge His presence, to thank Him for His entrance. Praise brings about the move of God whether it’s in our home, car, workplace or sanctuary, when He enters, praise is due Him!

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