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A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace – Ecclesiastes 3:8

Every Christian will one day have to go into battle, this is what soldiers do, and as ┬áChristians, we’re soldiers in the army of the Lord. If Satan is not attacking in different areas of our life or being, it’s not because we’re good, it’s because we’re on his team and there’s no reason to fight the ones on your team.

When we go forward in battle, we must know what our weapons are and how to use them. When we talk about weapons of our warfare, we’re not talking about something mystical and can’t be obtained. When talking about warfare, it’s not just a figure of speech. The weapons of the adversaries can be seen visible and can be felt with our natural senses, they are real. God has given us defensive weapons to fight against the weapons of the adversaries, spiritual wickedness in high places.

God has given us spiritual armor as a defensive weapon to protect and shield us from the attack of the enemy, and He has given us offensive weapons to confront and take power and authority over the attack of Satan and his co-host. Our fight is not with flesh and blood, but with unseen forces, enemies that are invisible. It’s impossible to fight battles in the natural realm when the enemy attacks with pain, sickness, unpaid bills, car problems, marital problems, family problems, things we can feel and see with our five senses with weapons we can’t see. Our spiritual weapons are prayer, fasting and the Word and the name of Jesus.

Satan uses fear, and Saints must use faith! We’re in the battle, but were not alone, God has an all-seeing eye, nothing goes pass Him, as we stand up and fight for ourselves, family and others, the angels of God are fighting with us and for us. Satan is a bully, he can’t be everywhere at one time, so he sends his host to fight against us, this is when we have to pray, fast, and use the Word of God against the attack and use the name of Jesus.

Naturally, when our children are bullied, we don’t fight for them, but we tell them to confront the bully. We show and tell them how fight, what to look for while combating the bully. This will give them faith and strength. God’s Son has already fought and won the battle, all we have to do is fight the bully when he tries to take from us what Jesus has already given to us. Jesus died so we can have life, He has given us His peace so that we can have peace, and follow peace with all men. When the adversary comes to fight, we have to come to the battle with the armor, faith and the Word of God. ┬áJesus is the Word of God and the Word is life. ┬áThe Word heals and destroys the works of Satan. To fight the good fight of faith; the armor must be on. We must have faith without fear. We must have prayer, fasting, confessing the Word of God, and the name of Jesus, it’s the name of Jesus that makes demons tremble!

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