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Don’t Lose Your Faith

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen – Hebrews 11:1

Faith is something we can’t see, but issues and circumstances are things we can see and feel. We can either place our faith in what we see and feel, or we can place our faith in what we don’t see, and this will be the key to receiving the answer to prayers.

Noah was a man who followed the warning God gave him to build a boat to save himself and his family from the destruction that was about to come upon the earth. Noah didn’t try to figure it out why or when God was going to do it. He heard God, and he followed the instructions that were given him. Although it had never rained, he and his family was building a boat. Can you imagine the criticism he and his family was going through? Noah heard the voice of God and nothing else mattered.

Sometimes we go through different issues and hurts in our lives because we didn’t listen to the instructions God gave us or we were too busy to hear what He was saying. God never allows trouble to come without a warning, neither will He allow us to stay in a valley of death spiritually unless we desire to stay where we’re at. God was concerned about Noah and his family and God warned him to build the ark. We are the spiritual ark that God resides in; are we building our spiritual house to the point we can draw others by the Spirit of God that lives within us. Can we witness to our spouse, children and other members of our family without wondering about something they can bring up that didn’t show our lifestyle as a Christian?

When we live with all of our ability to please God, He will come to our rescue to deliver us from whatever or whoever that is troubling us. God is concerned about you. He’s concerned about your marriage, children, grandchildren, and employment. What concerns you, concerns God, but we have to be willing to wait for His deliverance and His instructions. Sometimes we can’t hear from God audibly, but we can always read His written word, and that’s Him speaking to us!

Don’t lose the faith, and if your faith needs restoring, ask God, and He will give you the faith you need to wait for Him. Waiting may be a day, month, year or years, but if you continue to walk uprightly before Him, being faithful to Him and not our emotions, God will always come through. He has never lost a battle. When the enemy attacks or you’re going through a trial or test, that’s when we need to increase our prayer life, fasting, reading and studying the word of God. Pray for others, encourage others that may be going through and by doing this, it will increase our faith, it will give us stability, and give us peace while we’re in the storms of life.

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