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Reiterating God’s Word

But be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves (James 1:22

To believe in Jesus and to believe there will be a better world will take perseverance because of our faith will be challenged and opposed. Severe trials are sifting committed Christians, and believers. There are many false teachers that have infiltrated the church; looking like the saint, talking like the saint, but as you be prayerful and listen to their message, the majority of the time Christ is not mentioned, the instructions Jesus gave the disciples aren’t being reiterated to the body of Christ as it should.In the Old Testament, prophets were sent to the people of God to remind them of God’s guidelines, His instructions for His people. In the New Testament, the Apostles was sent forth to give instructions and corrections. When Jesus ascended to heaven, He gave gifts and offices to the body of Christ; apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints. Every ministerial gift is held responsible for reiterating God’s Word to the body of Christ. We teach on God’s love, but how about our love for each other, Jesus said: “When we love one another, by this shall all men know that we are His disciples”. As Christians, we must forgive those who have wronged and hurt us whether or not they ask forgiveness.

Profanity shouldn’t be uttered from the mouth of a committed Christian no matter how angry one may get, we have been instructed we can get angry, but sin not. Fornication and adultery shouldn’t be committed by those who are professing to be Christians; cheating, stealing, lying shouldn’t be in the body of Christ. Prayer-less is for those who don’t believe, not for those who are professing to be Christians.

Reading God’s Word should be a daily task for every Christian. People of God, it’s going to take more than attending church, more than having a title, to have a relationship with the Father, we can’t hear the Word or read the Word and not abide by the Word.

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