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But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in His law doth he meditate (to think deeply about and consider carefully) day and night – Psalm 1:2.

We can learn how to follow God by meditating on His Word. We can’t meditate on His Word if it’s not in our memory.In order for God’s Word to become a part of our memory, we must store the Word of God in it, and that comes from reading and studying the Bible. As Christians, we should read our Bible daily, and more than just on Sunday when the Pastor is reading from the text he or she is going to speak on. When we read the Word of God, it’s Him speaking to us through His written Word. He directs, instructs, consoles, gives hope, joy, and peace through His Word. We get to know Him through His Word.

In order to get to know someone, you must spend time with them. We must spend time reading and studying His Word to get to know Him. In order to follow the Lord, we must know what He and His Father is saying to us through His Word. When we meditate on the Word of God, we know if our thinking, emotions, and behavior are not lining up with the Word of God; we must dismiss it, and stop it in its tracks before it sets up a stronghold.

Meditating on the Word of God will give us peace, it will give us wisdom and knowledge for natural and spiritual decisions. Thinking on the Word of God will assist us when someone upset us, ¬†or when we need to console someone, we’ll know what to say or do. Reading the Bible should be delightful to a Christian, it shouldn’t be boring unless we haven’t hidden the Word of God in our hearts.

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