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Time of Prayer

Our God and our Father, we come before You in the name of Jesus, we ask for forgiveness for our sins. Open our hearts and minds to where we have sinned against You, and forgive us. Give us a do right mind, and a do right heart. We asked that You be King on the throne of our hearts, wills, emotions, and motives. Give us Your heart and the mind of Jesus Christ.

Draw us closer to You, hide us in the palm of Your hand from the enemy.  We pray that the Holy Spirit will lift up a standard against every way the enemy would try to come and who he would come through. Give us a spirit of travail, and a spirit of praise, You dwell in the praises.  Uproot the spirit of the world from out of our souls that we will serve You in the beauty of holiness. Deliver us from every bondage we have been entangled with.

Look upon the leaders of this world and give them godly wisdom, give them the heart to be for the people and not against the people. We pray for a hedge of protection to be around about the elderly and the children. We pray for godly marriages to be healed and place what’s needed in the marriages. You ordained marriages, make the marriages become what You desire them to be.

Thank You for the policemen and our the military force that is protecting this great country. We pray that You would supply their needs and their family needs. Thank You for every medical doctor, thank You for giving them the wisdom to care for the human body. Bless them as they care for Your people, instruct them, and direct them.

Have mercy for every city and state where there has been devastation, send forth help, send forth peace, send forth hope. Father, You are great, You are greater than anything that will come into our lives! Stretch forth Your hand upon the earth, destroy the works of the god of this world, give Your saints the spirit of prayer to pray against the forces of the enemy, the forces of darkness. Oh, God, we need You, have mercy upon Your people. Help us to seek You with our whole heart and when we do, we will find  You! You are great, magnificent, words will never be able to express Your awesomeness, to the One and only God. Our God, our Father, Shepherd, and Bishop of our souls, we ask these prayers in Jesus name, Amen!


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