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When We Praise Him

When We Praise Him

Rejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous: for praise is comely for the upright. Psalm 33:1.

Most Christians pray; we’re constantly asking God to do something, and it’s Scriptural to pray, but how much praising do we do? Just as much as we want to receive from Him, we should also want to minister to Him. Praising God creates an atmosphere in which the Holy Spirit will enter and begin to work in us and through us. As we take time and meditate on the blessings the Father has given us, praise should automatically come into our hearts and will be spoken to the Father through our mouths.

Paul and Silas had been arrested for preaching the Gospel and casting out a demon out a young woman. They were beaten and placed in the innermost prison with their feet in stocks. They could have been asking themselves “Why did God allow this”? We’ve preached the Word of God, we have delivered people that were possessed with devils, we were doing the work of the Lord, why did He allow this to happen? This is the case with many Christians when trials and tribulations come their way.

Rather than asking questions, why me, they begin to pray and sing praises to God. The prisoners heard them and so did God! Your praises could set others free. Paul and Silas were praying and singing praises, notice the answer came while they were praising God, not while they were praying. Prayer is important, and a Christian we should always pray and not faint, there is a time to pray and there is a time to praise. After prayer, praises should be applied to the prayer request.

Many Christians miss out on God’s blessings because they don’t take the time to get in an attitude of worship. Praises will give us victory over the enemy. Praises will bring us into the presence of God. Whenever God is in our presence, miracles happen, deliverance comes, and a closer relationship with God is built. Keep a heart of gratitude, and praises will fill your heart! Secondly, praises will destroy the works of demonic spirits, they can’t stand when you praise God! Praises bless God and praises make demons flee.

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