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From Paganism to Christianity

Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred and from thy father’s house unto a land that I will show thee – Genesis 12:1.

Abraham was called out of paganism. He wasn’t serving God, but he served the gods his father and relatives were serving. This is why God instructed him to leave the country, his relatives, and his father’s house and God was going to show him where He wanted him to go.  Paganism is serving a god other than the true God, or according to Scripture,  its idolatry.

In order for Abraham to serve God according to His standards, Abraham had to leave his father and relatives beliefs and live according to God’s Word. When we come into Christianity, we have been called of God to go into another country (kingdom of God) a country we’re not familiar with the rules and regulations. Being born of the Spirit we’ve been given citizenship to the kingdom of God, and as citizens, we must submit ourselves to the Ruler of the kingdom.

Many people call themselves worshiping God, but in reality, they are worshiping a god when they haven’t submitted themselves to the instructions of the Bible. No way one can serve God and continue to live opposite of God’s instructions. When Abraham was called to serve God, Abraham had to live according to God’s instructions, not what he believed in or what he had been taught by his father and relatives. So many Christians are living a double life. They worship God on Sunday, and Monday through Saturday they commit idolatry, by serving the god of sin: fornication, adultery, hatred, sorcery, contention, jealousy, selfishness, envy, disobedient, smoking, drinking, clubbing and attending ungodly concerts. Whatever actions we’re committing, if it’s against what God has instructed us not to do, then it’s sin and it’s idolatry.

Because many Christians are living according to what they have been taught by their parents and relatives many are trying to live for God and serve Satan as well. Either we’re going to live according to the instructions of God or we’re going to live according to Satan’s instructions, we can’t live for both (Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you – 2nd Corinthians 6:17). Christians should separate themselves from actions, influences, and people who will contaminate their mind, heart and spirit to do the opposite of what the Bible instructs Christians to live. To enter heaven, it will take more than just believing Jesus is the Son of God. We must also submit to the instructions of the Bible which is God’s written Word for the believer.

When He instructs us to do something, that’s what He wants. When He instructs us not to do something, that’s what He wants. It’s not about what we think, it’s about obeying His instructions. Don’t be fooled! Take the time to read and study the Word of God, then commit yourself to His Word (But be you doers of the word and not hearers only; deceiving your own selves – James 1:22). We can’t have two masters, either it’s God’s way or no way. The Bible is the instructions for every believer whose professing to be a Christian, who profess to be a child of God.  God does not have adopted children, either we’re going to live according to His Word or we will live according to our will.

Attending some churches is like going to a social gathering, you don’t feel the Spirit of God. The Word is being preached, but it’s not anointed. People are going to church broken in heart, spirit, and mind, and they leave the same because the Spirit of God is not there because sin is in the camp and is being practiced. The church should be a spiritual hospital where people can attend and be strengthen, encouraged, and delivered. We talk about how God use to do in the services, while He would still do the same if we committed ourselves to Him and allow Him to do what He want to do rather than shutting Him out by our programs. 

What happen to testimony services, where people would give their testimony and others would be healed or encouraged by the words of the testimony? When was the last time someone came to the alter for salvation? When was the last time someone received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the church service or you saw the Glory cloud in the midst of the service? It’s not happening because the church is going backwards rather than forward, teaching about sin is  not being taught or preached making people sin conscious. That’s what was happening with the Israelites, they wanted to serve God, but they wanted to live according to the surrounding nations religion.

We can’t serve God and practice sin, either we’re going to serve Him or we’re going to live as carnal Christians, and that is dangerous spiritually. God want all of us, not part of us, that is why we have been instructed to present ourselves as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God which is our reasonable service. We don’t serve a pagan god, we serve the God of creation, a holy God, majestic God, excellent in Spirit, faithful in words and deeds. Let’s turn our hearts to God, let’s humble ourselves before Him, let’s move from paganism to Christianity, Christ like!

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