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Chosen For Victory

Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trials which are to try you as though some strange thing happened unto you – 1st Peter 4:12. 

The Bible instruct the believer to be aware of false doctrine, false teachers are teaching if you’re believer or a Christian every day is like a holiday, you don’t have to go through troubles, disappointments, name it, claim and it and receive it. This is a false doctrine and it has made many return to the land of Egypt even though they have been given an Exodus through Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to give us victory, but just as God gave the children of Israel a land filled with milk and honey there was also giants in the land that needed to be defeated. Jesus has given every Christian away to the Father and a way to enter into heaven, but on this journey there are giants and they need to be defeated. Christians wasn’t chosen to be defeated they were chosen to have victory. Victory doesn’t mean you will not have bruises and scars, but with the bruises and scars they will have victory.

Every person in the Bible that was chosen by God went through tests and trials, rather than looking at their test and trials they looked to God for help. No matter how long you have been a believer or Christian, don’t think Satan isn’t scheming to try to find ways to regain you as his servant. This is why it is so important to be prayerful, fast, read and study the Word of God, as well as attending Worship Service and Bible Study. In order to have victory, you must empower yourself with the things of God and not what the world is offering.

Everything you go through God is aware of it, the test and trial is not to show Him how stable you are, it’s for your benefit to show you how stable or unstable you are with God. There is no way you can be faithful to God and He is not faithful to you. Matter of fact, God is faithful to us when we’re not faithful to Him. When things get tough, that’s not the time to stop being faithful to God with your prayer time, your time of spending time with Him by reading His Words of instructions for you.

Just because you’re going through difficulties doesn’t mean you have sinned. When you have submitted yourself totally to God no weapon formed against you shall prosper. God has made you the head and not the tail, you will and shall be the loaner and not the one who borrows. God watches over His people to bring His Word to pass what He has spoken over their life prior to their birth. You’re on the winning side, nothing can stop what God has ordained over your life unless you forfeit it through unbelief and practicing sin. You have the victory, the Greater One lives within you!

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