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Time of Prayer

Heavenly Father, we come before You in the name of Jesus, thanking You for Your goodness and mercy towards us. Thank You for today, this is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it.

You are excellent, majestic, powerful, and all-knowing. You are the great and mighty God, Creator of the Universe. Holy and righteous, faithful and true! We come before You today to ask You for Your mercy towards us, forgive us for the sins we have committed against You. Father give us hearts that will be conscious of sin, give us hearts that will convict us of sin. Give us hearts that will confess our signs and give us hearts that will repent of our sins.

Have mercy Father on the people of Ukraine, send help, send deliverance. Give them a way of escape. Bless those that are in need of food and clean water. Bless those that are in need of shelter, and hide them from the enemy.

Father, bless the United States and keep us from any form of terrorism and war. Give the people of the United States a repenting heart, and help us to place You as our God and the One we trust. The United States was built upon God We Trust.

Help the single parents that are raising their children alone, encourage them, and provide for their needs. Touch the hearts of men that have produced children but aren’t providing for them. Give them hearts to love and take care of the children they have fathered.

Bless those that are in need of employment benefits, disability benefits, and social security benefits, and open doors for them to receive the benefits they need. Open doors of employment for Your people, and those that can work, give them hearts to seek employment.

Give our president and vice president the wisdom and knowledge they need as leaders. Give them hearts that will be for the people and not against the people. Look upon those that are in leadership, give them hearts not to pass laws that are against Your principles.

We pray for those that are in mourning, Father, place Your peace in the hearts and spirits. Let them know You care and You are there to walk them through this period of hurt.

Give each of us heart to love one another, and destroy hatred and discrimination. Help us to come together in unity and harmony, and give us hearts to seek You with our whole hearts. We ask these prayers in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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