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Manipulated Worship

God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him, must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. (John 4:24).

So many times congregates have been instructed to praise the Lord, and your praise will get you what you need from God. We have been instructed to worship God no matter what our life style may be. Jesus knew the heart of man, and He informed His followers of the prophecy that was given by the Prophet Isaiah “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far away. Their worship is a farce, for they replace God’s commandments with their own man-made teachings” (Matthew 15:8 New Living Translation).God has given us instructions how we should worship Him and receive results from our worship. We cannot have on the garment of unforgiveness, envy, strife, rebellion, disobedient, fornication, adultery, unbelief, doubt and all the others things He has commandment not to have or do and think the praises are acceptable in the eyes of God.

Many times we come together in worshiper, we sing, shout and jump, run around the church, and we say “the Lord is here” when we’re really worshipping in our emotions. The music sounds good, it’s ministering to our emotions and not our spirit. Whenever the Lord comes on the scene, changes are made, people don’t go out the same way they came in. Conviction comes upon those that aren’t living right, those that are born-again will be refreshed in their spirit. Sinners will come to the altar and it will be a life changing experience, not a today salvation and be living like a sinner tomorrow. Healing will take place in the spirit, mind, emotions, and body. Relationships will be healed, backsliders will rededicate their life, people will receive the Holy Spirit, and the Spiritual gifts will be in manifestation when the Lord enters the sanctuary.

We cannot live a sinful life and expect the Spirit of the Lord will come; because He will not (The camp must be holy, for the Lord your God moves around in your camp to protect you and to defeat your enemies. He must not see any shameful thing among you, or He might turn away from you (Deuteronomy 23:14 New Living Translation). When sin is in the camp of the body of Christ, it’s not the Spirit of the Lord moving among the people, but the spirit of emotions that are making the people believe the Lord is in the midst of them. We’re spiritual beings and we draw spirits by the spirit that is dwelling in us.

Many churches are filled with envy, jealousy, spiritual discrimination, fault-finding, disunity, disobedient, rebellion and some ministers have the people believing the Lord is in the midst of the mess; God doesn’t bless mess. If the minstrel is not living a holy life, separated from the world, committed to the Lord, they cannot usher the Spirit of the Lord in the place. Choir members cannot usher the spirit of the Lord in the sanctuary, if they’re in disunity, backbiting, fault-finding, ungodly pride as well as any of the other things the Lord has put in place for us to follow, He isn’t coming in the sanctuary.

We cannot manipulate God with our praise and worship and not be living according to His bylaws to receive the blessings. The Bible is our mirror of correction, it will always assist us to find out where we are. We draw God’s Spirit, by His Spirit that lives within our being. The next time we go to worship, we need to discern what spirit we’re drawing to us. When the worshiper is real, He will give a visitation in our homes; wherever we maybe, He will come to us. When the Spirit of the Lord enter our church, home or where ever we’re worshiping when we get into His presence, we are changed, we can’t get into His presence, and nothing change!



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