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Mind of Christ

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus  (Philippians 2:5).  

 Mind – To obey, be under the authority, to do as one is told. To give one’ attention,  to be attentive. Jesus mind was to please the Father, He didn’t come to earth with His own agenda, but came to do the will of the Father. Jesus was our example of how we should be as children of God. Some may say, living as a Christian is hard, but that’s opposite of what the Word of God says, the Bible instructs the way of a transgressor is hard (Good understanding giveth {gains} favor: but the way of a transgressor is hard – Proverbs 13:15).  If living as a Christian according to the Bible is hard, it’s only because the individual hasn’t made up their mind or their heart to submit to the Father.Jesus never was to busy to commune with the Father, before and after ministering to people, He would always take time to pray. Ministering isn’t just standing behind a pulpit, ministering is serving, being a representative of your Father here on earth. Prayer is what assists the believer in knowing their Father.  In order to get to know someone there must be communication, the more we communicate with God, the sensitiveness our spirit will be to His voice. Reading God’s Word is His communication to the believer. God communicates with us through our spirit, our mind, and His Word. If we don’t have a consistent prayer life and reading the Bible, we don’t know when He’s communicating with us. How can we submit to the Word of God, if we don’t know His Word? It’s our responsibility as Christians to make time to pray and read the Bible. Jesus knew the Word because He was the Word that came from God. When we get the Word of God in our hearts there is nothing we can ask the Father and He will not do it (If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto {for} you – John 15:7).Meaning the Christian will submit to and carry out or live up to the instructions God has given through His Word.

As Christians, we should have the same mindset Jesus had, and that was to please the Father. When we have a made up mind to follow the instructions of the Word of God, we may lose some stuff and people, but if we continue in the Word of God; everything that was lost God will restore with bountiful blessings.  Believing God’s Word is true and faithful is also having the mind of Christ, Jesus believed the Father and knew when He prayed the Father heard Him because He was only going to pray for what lined up with God’s Word, we should do likewise.      

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