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God’s Shield

Every word of God is pure (tried): He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him (Proverbs 30:5). 

A shield was a defensive weapon in warfare before the introduction of gunpowder. They varied in size, covering much as the entire body of the soldier, or covering the face and upper torso. This Scripture was the words of Agur as he exalted the majestic of God; comparing God’s protection to a shield.

As an earthly father provides and protects his children, so will our Heavenly Father. There is nowhere you can go and the eyes of God will not see you. There is no circumstance or situation you may be in and God is not aware of it. If you have given your life completely to God, know with assurance He will provide and protect His children, He is so faithful and loving toward His people that He also protect and provide for those who disown Him. There is no weapon that can be formed against you and it prospers, no ditch dug and God will allow you to fall into it.  Sure, you will go through trials and tribulations, but this is making you into a soldier, this is why we have been instructed to put on the whole armor of God and take the shield of faith to quench the fiery darts of our adversary.  God’s Word is a shield when the adversary begins to speak doubt and fear to your mind, take the Word of God and use it as your weaponry.  You may be in the battle, but the Captain of your ship is Jesus, and He has never lost a battle.

Naturally, when a baby learns how to walk, the parent will stand behind the toddler until he or she gets their balance. After they get their balance the parent no longer stands behind them because they can balance themselves. God wants us to grow as Christians, so He will allow us to fall, stagger a little, but He is always there to make sure we get back on the right track. God has given us His Word to use against the adversary; he will not come subject to anything but God’s Word. Knowing God’s Word is vital to a Christian, as well as living according to His Word.

As long as Satan can keep you from reading and knowing God’s Word, he will do that, that is why you have to make a plan to take time and read and study God’s Word as we do with everything else we want to do. It’s God’s Word that will shield you, it’s God’s Word that will heal you, it’s God’s Word that will comfort you, it’s God’s Word that will instruct you, it’s God’s Word that will direct you, it’s God’s Word that He watches over to perform it.

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