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Prayer of Thanksgiving

That I may publish (proclaim) with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works (Psalm 26:7).

Holy and Righteous God, as we come before You, we thank You for giving us the privilege to come before Your presence. We thank You that You are the Creator of heaven and earth. Thank  You for being our Breath of Life. Thank You for, forgiving our sins. Thank You for sending Your Beloved Son to sacrifice His life for our life. Thank You for giving us the wisdom to accept Jesus as our Savior and our Lord, thank You for our acceptance of Your Son has caused us to be Your children.

Thank You, that Your thoughts towards us aren’t evil, but they are good to bring us to an expected end.  Thank You for hearing our cry of repentance. Thank You for Your Son, thank You for the Holy Spirit. Thank You for Your eyes being upon all our ways. Thank You for being the Lily of the Valley. Thank You for being Shiloh. Thank You for being our Helper. Thank You for being the Living God. Thank You for being our Bridge over troubled waters. Thank  You for being our Peace, thank You for being the God that is always present.

Thank You for soundness of mind, thank  You for health and strength. Thank You for providing us with wisdom in order for You to bless our hands to get wealth. Thank You for our five senses, thank You for blessing us with homes to live in. Thank You for blessing us with employment. Thank You for blessing us with automobiles.  Thank You for giving us the activity of our limbs. Thank You for blessings us to dress ourselves, comb our hair, and bathe ourselves without needing to depend on someone else. Thank You for eliminating without a machine.

Thank You for our spouses, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Thank You for our sisters, brothers, uncles, aunt’s and cousins. Thank You for our neighbors, thank You for our enemies because they are causing us to pray and fast. Thank You for the Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets, Teachers, and Apostles that haven’t bowed to Satan. Thank You for every Caregiver. Thank You for our law enforcers, and thank You for our teachers and mentors. Thank You for protecting us from the danger we didn’t see. Thank you for protecting those that have to wait on public transportation before the break of dawn. Thank You for delivering those that were bound by the addiction of whatever form it came in. Thank You for every volunteer that visits the sick, and shut-in. Thank You for every child that has been born. Thank You for releasing those that were in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. Thank You for being someone’s lawyer and judge.

Thank You for healing marriages, thank You for healing sick and diseased bodies. Thank You for healing those that were sick in their minds. Thank You for blessing husbands and wives the doctors said, they couldn’t have children by making the impossible, possible. Thank You for setting free, those that were held captive. Thank You for those the doctors had given up, but You spoke life to them. Thank You for delivering those that were abused and misused.  Thank You for opening doors of employment.  Thank You for closing doors in our lives that need to be shut, and opening doors that need to be open.

Thank You for being God and besides You, there is no other god!

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