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Confession and Repentance

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins – 1st John 1:9

Confession of our sins opens the door for God to deliver us from sin. Too many times people want to accept salvation without confessing some of their sins to the Father and then repent of the sin.

Confession and repentance go together, when one confesses their sins, they are opening the door for God to forgive them so that salvation can take place; Jesus will enter the heart. If one is already saved but has been practicing sin when confession is made, ask for forgiveness and repent of the sin or sins committed. When we have wronged someone, we confess we did them wrong, then we ask for forgiveness., the same thing needs to be done when we have sinned against the Father.

Everyone has sinned in one way or another, no one was born saved. Some have sinned more than others or were in a deeper sin than others, but sin is sin; there is no little sin or big sin, according to the Word of God anything other than faith is sin. Sin is not talked about much in the church, people are attending church or joining church online and practicing sin thinking there is nothing wrong with their lifestyle, different actions, or thoughts.

One of the reasons we have a Bible is that God wanted His people to know Him and His Son as well as know-how to live a life that would be pleasing to Him. In order to follow instructions, the instructions must be read then what has been read must be taken into action.

The Jews were a chosen people by God, but although He had chosen them, they continued to live in sin, they continued to live opposite of His instructions God had given them. They didn’t have a Bible like today’s Christians, but they were given instructions by the Word of God by the mouth of the prophets and priests.

Some of today’s Christians’ are like the chosen Jewish nations, they too were chosen and were adopted into the family of God by Jesus’s death, and resurrection, and the Jews rejection of Jesus as being the Messiah, the Son of God, but they want to live according to traditions, fables, and hypocrisy. Christians are to be different than the world, they were taken out of the world spiritually, to be citizens of heaven after their departure. Sin can’t enter heaven and neither will they that practice sin.

When one confesses their sin, they are admitting to God they know they have wronged Him and they ask for forgiveness, once they ask for forgiveness they repent of their sin; meaning they will not continue in that sin. One does not continue confessing the same sin for months and years. Repentance is also remorse, when you’re remorse about something, you’re sorry for what you have done, and you seek help to assist you with the problem. The help you need is in the Word of God, it’s confessing to saints that will pray and fast with you until you’re delivered from whatever bondage Satan tried to hold you hostage.

Unconfessed sin will cause you to be disconnected from God, it will cause you to have unanswered prayers and if you continue in the sin without repentance it will cause you to be a citizen of hell for eternity without an exit.

Every parent wants their child or children to follow their instructions, God is greater than any parent, and He wants His children to follow the instructions He has given them in His written Word. The Bible was written by men that were called by God, and they wrote what the Spirit gave them to write. These instructions are for the Christians’ benefit.

Take time to read and study God’s Word, it is your insurance policy, and when it’s time for you to cash it in as you followed the instructions, you have a guarantee to enter heaven.

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