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Prayer of Repentance

Wherefore I abhor (despise) myself, and repent in dust and ashes ( Job 42-6).  

 Job repents before God for his thought of self-righteousness.  Many times when people hear the word repent, the first thing, they think about is sinners repenting for their sins, but repentance isn’t just for those coming into the knowledge of God, it’s for those who say they know God and do the opposite of what His Word instructs them to do. Daily we should self-check to see if we have sinned against God or have offended His people in any way.

Our prayer today Father as we come before You, we ask for forgiveness of sins we may have committed against You, Your people, and ourselves. We pray as we bow before You in our hearts, to check our hearts,  spirits, as well as our motivation, and anything You find that is opposite of Your Word, we pray today, to destroy it from the root. We ask You to forgive us for the many times we didn’t pray when You unctioned us to pray. We ask that You forgive us when we placed everything and everybody before You. Forgive us for those we have judged according to our emotions and not Your Word.

Forgive us for the lies we have told and never repented.  Forgive us for the times we wasted time at work when we should have been working.  Forgive us, for fault-finding and looking down on others. Forgive us for spiritual discrimination. Forgive us for committing physical and spiritual fornication and adultery.  Forgive us for thoughts we have had that were sin in Your eyes. Forgive us for the time we didn’t spend with our spouse, children, or parents. Forgive us for not taking the time to instruct our children in the ways of the Lord. Help us, Father, to love You as Your Son, Jesus loves You.  Help us, Father, to submit ourselves to You as Jesus did. Help us to forgive others as we desire for You to forgive us of our sins. Help us to pray in faith without doubting.

Help us to take time and read what You’re saying to us through Your Word, the Bible. Help us to love Your people as You love them. Help us to accept Your instructions and to submit to them. Change our hearts to Your heart, change our mind to the mind of Jesus. Write Your Words on the table of our hearts and minds. Help us to desire Your will to be done in us and through us. Help us to realize we need You moment by moment, minute by minute. Help us Father to please You, we ask these prayers in the precious name of your Son, Jesus. Thank You for hearing and answering this prayer, thank God, Amen!

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