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Types of Prayers

Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplications for all saints- Ephesians 6:18.

Prayer is the weaponry for the believer. Prayer illuminates the Word of God, prayer changes the individuals who praying as well as changing circumstances. Prayer is our communication with God and strengthens our faith in God. Prayer makes the person sensitive to the Spirit of God, prayer makes one sensitive to the spirit realm and prayer is something Satan does not want you to do, so he sets up blocks, and hindrance, but if you’re going to survive in Christianity, you must fight the good fight of faith, and that is through prayer. There are different types of prayers:

Prayer of Thanksgiving – Thanking God for His goodness, mercy, benefits, provisions, protection, etc.

Praise & Worship – Telling God of His greatness, majestic, holiness, excellence, and admiration towards Him, as well as our behavior and character in line with the Word of God.

Travailing – Prayers that are deep and agonizing, birthing prayers.

Groaning – Communication between our spirit and the Spirit of God when one has been filled with the Holy Spirit.

Supplication and Petition – Asking God for our personal needs for ourselves and others, and praying until we receive a manifestation of the prayer request.

Prayer of Confession of Sin – Confessing our sins to the Father and not denying them. Prayer of confession returns us to holiness and cleanses us to be acceptable before Him.

Prayer of Confession of the Word of God – Confessing what His Words say about us and His promises to us.

Declaration Prayer  – Statements of faith and have the power to create, to call into being, to cast out, and to shifting circumstances. Declarations prayers aren’t words directed to God but directed at principalities and strongholds.

Prayers of Decrees – Decrees affect the lives of other people.

Shouting and Yelling Prayers – This is when the Holy Spirit prompts you to shout in prayer.

Metaphoric prayers – Is prayer when symbols such as flags or body gestures and movements are used in prayer.

Prayer of Dedication – Dedicating ourselves and our belongings to God.

Praying in the Spirit – Praying exactly what God would have us to pray for and that is done by praying in the Holy Spirit, better known as tongues.

Warfare Prayers – Our body language is aggressive and our voices are authoritative.

Meditation Prayers – Quiet time before God, thinking of Him and His Word.

Weeping Prayers – Are prayers coming from our heart and spirit, feeling the feelings of God towards an individual or circumstance.

As believers, we should be experiencing these types of prayers, and as our desire comes as God desires we will experience more of these prayers as well as seeing results of our time of prayer, beholding the presence of the Lord and His glory. Prayer defeats the enemy of our soul, the more we pray, we are staying connected to God and it strengthens us to refuse the influence of sin that Satan uses. Christians that don’t have a submitted dedicated life to prayer will be influenced by Satan and this is why there are so many carnal Christians. We can’t serve God and Satan, either we’re going to serve God or we’re going to serve Satan. Carnal Christians have no power over ungodly influences by Satan and his co-host, but the Spirit of the living God that dwells within the submitted Christian will have the power of God and heaven backing them in their warfare with Satan and his co-host.

Take time and dedicate yourself to meet with God on a daily basis, not just when you need something, but take the time to get to know Him, so you will be able to live a life that will be pleasing to Him and have power over ungodly influences.

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