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Praise and Worship

I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth -Psalm 34:1

Praising God is something that Christians should be able to do, whether they are having good times or bad times; God is the same in both areas of our lives, and He deserves the praise.

Have you ever met a Christian who always seems to be full of joy and gladness, someone who always exhibits the joy of the Lord both in the good times and bad? A Christian who is always joyful has learned the secret of victorious Christian living. He or she lives a life of praise to God.

God’s praises must continually be in your mouth if you want to have joy and walk in victory. Joy is one of the Fruit of the Spirit, and every Christian should have it unless they have allowed the spirit of the world to steal their joy by their actions.

Praise is something everyone has been given; either we will praise God, or we will praise Satan. People often confuse praise with worship. When you worship God, you extol Him in reverential awe for who He is, for His majesty and greatness.

Have you noticed that when people attend secular concerts, they jump and shout and wave their hands to the beat of the music or songs; they praise their god, and it’s not the God of holiness and the Creator. The music minister to their emotions and fleshly desires, while godly music and song minister to the spirit of the person, making them praise their Creator for His goodness and mercy.

We also worship God through our lifestyle and actions. This is why the Bible says those who worship God must worship Him in spirit and truth (God is a Spirit, and they who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth – John 4:24). Jesus makes worship a matter of the heart, truth is what is in harmony with nature and will of God.

Worshipping God is not the same as praising Him. Praising Him is showing gratitude to God for something He has done or is doing for you. Praise is expressed with enthusiasm and exuberance. Praise and worship come about with your connection or relationship with God.

God wants us to praise Him! We as Christians should be praising God so much that our praises are just waiting for Him to receive them ( Praise waiteth for thee, O God, in Sion: and unto thee shall the vow be performed – Psalm 65:1).

Our praise to God should continually be waiting for Him, some don’t praise Him until they have received an answer to pray, but praise should always be in the heart and mouths of Christians. Sadly to say, instead of some Christians’ praise waiting for God, God is waiting for their praise.

Did you know you can praise your way out of sadness, despair, and anger? God dwells in the praises; sadness, despair, and anger are ungodly spirits that attack one’s mind, which causes them to feel the way they do. While praises will not allow them to influence because they are trying to stay away from the praises as far as possible because they know God dwells in the praises!

Prayer asks, but praise takes because praise is an expression of faith, and faith in God’s Word produces results. Prayer has to be mixed with faith and praise in order to produce results. Prayer without faith and praise is like a cake without icing on it. Usually, a cake without icing is not ready to eat; similarly, prayer without faith and praise will never come to fruition.

You will never enjoy the benefits of prayer if you don’t mix the necessary ingredients for a successful prayer life. In order to have a successful prayer life, it takes all three ingredients, prayer based on the Word, faith that endures, and praise as an expression of your faith. Prayer, faith, and praise, all three of these ingredients working together will cause you to possess the blessings God intended you to have in Christ.

Some Christians don’t praise God until they attend church, and usually, that’s once a week. They wonder why they’re having trouble in their flesh and emotions. Being Prayerless is a sin, and being praiseless will cause one not to appreciate the many blessings God has given them.

A grateful heart can always praise God at all times! And a grateful heart will continue to be blessed!

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