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Pharaoh and His Taskmasters

And the magicians of Egypt did so with their enchantments: and Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, neither did he hearken unto them; as the Lord had said (Exodus 7:22).

 Pharaoh was king of Egypt and had God’s people in bondage. God sent Moses and Aaron to tell Pharaoh to let His people go. Egypt was a place where they worshiped different deities. They believed in the afterlife, but they didn’t worship the Creator.

Spiritually speaking, the world is like Egypt, where the people serve different gods, and the taskmaster is lust, addiction, and all other ungodliness. God has ordained; apostles, pastors, evangelists, prophets, and teachers to tell Pharaoh and his taskmaster to let the people go.

Satan is out to steal, kill and destroy as many as he can before they can come to the knowledge of God and His Son. People are in bondage and are not aware; they’re in bondage; it’s our responsibility to set the captive’s free through the Spirit of God that lives within us, accompanied by preaching and teaching.

Many cry out in their minds and hearts for freedom and need someone to care enough to pray for them until they receive their deliverance. The church should be where people come to receive healing and deliverance, but in many churches, the glory of God has left, and because He’s not there, the people aren’t receiving what they need.

Satan is real, as well as other demonic spirits that have the people bound, and it will take the Spirit of God to give them deliverance. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, and the Spirit of God will manifest Himself through individuals.

When have we seen the move of God in such a way people are lying on the floor under the anointing? People crying tears of joy, the Spirit of God moving all over the place, and you know it’s the Spirit of God because people are being changed? The Spirit that rested upon the Apostle is the same Spirit today. He changes not, the anointing is not a thing of the past, but we must go back to how the Apostle’s spiritual life was to receive the anointing they had.

Every church should have fast days,   especially among those that are in leadership and working the altar. People and the spirits they’re dealing with are being patty-caked when they come to the altar and leave the altar with the same spirits that had them bound.

Satan has no respect for a person neither do the spirits that he sends forth to torment the people. Satan can’t be in every place at one time as God can, so he sends fallen angels as his taskmaster to destroy the people’s character, morals, judgment, bind them with chains of habits, drugs, and alcohol, lust, and identity confusion.

God has placed His Spirit in us to deliver His people; we should be fasting and praying for a move of God to move in our churches, moving among the people to set them free.  Just as God moved in the churches and manifested Himself through those who were willing to be used by God, He will do the same thing today when He sees the churches that are thirsting to experience the move of God in their churches and in their being.

Jesus came to free the captives, but He must be welcomed in our churches to set them free. A body of believers without fasting and prayer cannot usher the Spirit of God into the sanctuary; He will not give visitations unless He sees hearts, waiting in expectation for His entrance.

Satan has sent forth his angels to bring death and destruction, whereas God is waiting for His people to arise and take their position in the kingdom of God to bind the spirits of darkness. This comes by fasting and praying (Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting – Matthew 17:21). This is not just for the beginning of the year, but all year round.

Fasting and prayer not only help us to deliver others, but they also continue to clean us. Sometimes our thoughts need to be cleansed, our attitudes, our emotions. Praying and fasting keep us from the world’s influences and our sins.

Satan, the Pharaoh of this world, his demons are the taskmaster, and they have the people in bondage. People do what they do because they’re in slavery and bondage of sin. Many are not aware they are in bondage.

The same God that moved through the Christians in Biblical days is the same God that lives within every born-again Christian. He’s waiting for us to arise and take our right in the kingdom, freeing the captive by His Spirit. It’s not us, not by our righteousness or holiness, but by the Spirit of the Living God!

Come on, saints, let’s pray and have a consistently fast and prayer life so that God can use us anytime and anywhere to set the captive free!

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